Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tickle Tickle Brush Brush!

The first time your baby sleeps through the night or the first time she holds her bottle all by herself, you sense this unique feeling of accomplishment. As if you have achieved the impossible and your life is going to be a lot easier. Little do you know that it is only the beginning. Because when it comes to babies, even simple things like getting them to sit in a car seat or getting them to use a sippy cup is hard work. You can't just tell them what to do. Instead they require a lot of convincing, canoodling and most importantly a truck load of your patience. And to be honest, though I cherished every single milestone I would be lying if I said it wasn't exhausting and a bit more than what I initially signed up for. 
I knew I had to do something to make it easy on both of us. So I developed this strategy, which worked great for me...to have a story for each of those milestone. I loved telling stories and she loved hearing them. A win-win for both of us. Be it potty training, getting her to eat her vegetables or something as seemingly easy as brushing, I had a story for all. And It definitely made the task in hand a little less tiring for me and a whole lot of fun for my little one. So here's one of the first stories I made up for my darling to teach her the importance of brushing. Enjoy!

By Aswathy Kumar

Bristles the little red tooth brush and Tootsie the sparkling white teeth were the best of friends. 

They loved playing tickle tickle brush brush every morning and splish splish splosh splosh every night.

But one day, it happened! Bristles accidentally poked Tootsie while playing their favorite game 

'Ouch! You hurt me,' screamed Tootsie

'I am sorry. It was just an accident,' replied Bristles immediately apologizing to his friend.

'Easy for you to say. You are just a silly toothbrush. But I am the strongest and the sparkliest and you better don't forget that,' shouted Tootsie still angry with Bristles.

'You may be,' said the little red brush, feeling a bit insulted. But you do need me to keep you strong and sparkly.'

'Ah! Why would a strong mighty teeth like me need a teeny tiny toothbrush like you? Go away now,'Tootsie shooed her little red friend away.

A few days passed and Bristles did not return.

And there was no game of tickle tickle brush brush and no game of splish splish splosh splosh.

And worst of all, Tootsie no longer looked white nor sparkly. 

Her beautiful pearly whites had started to turn a dirty yellow.

The next morning Tootsie woke up with a terrible pain. 

'Aaow she cried. Something hurt her, deep inside. 

'What happened?' Asked Bristles peeping out of his pretty pink caddy.

'Something is hurting and it is not going away. Can you help?' asked Tootsie helplessly.

'Of course my friend,' said Bristles, excitedly hopping out of his caddy.
'Hmmm let me see. Ah ah It is just a piece of chocolate chip you ate last night. And it's badly stuck. '

' Tickle tickle brush brush' went Bristles. 'Splish splish splosh splosh,' went Tootsie.

And voila! Tootsie was all sparkling and white once again.

'Thank you Bristles and I am sorry. 'I know I will always need you.' 

'And I will always need you too,' replied Bristles.

'Friends,' asked Tootsie.

'Best friends,' replied Bristles.

                                                                 The end


  1. so apt!! will read this story to both my devils for inspiration!!!the kids will love it...

  2. Lovely ash!!! Vedu is soooo lucky to have u!!!